Here's what our guests have to say  

Wow, we love you too Guys !! :)

We're in a Magazine!  

Live Small Town Magazine Page 42
Live Small Town Magazine Winter 2019 Page 43

At the end of our 2019 Season, Editor/Owner Kate Sharrow & Her Hubby Al Stayed with us.

Kate wrote an article on us in her Magazine, Live Small Town.  


Above is a link for the digital magazine.  It's a great Read!! 

PS.  WE're on pages 42 & 43 :) 

Sydney and Cam from blogNorfolk came to visit.  They did a video for us!! 

We love these guys ! 

Harvesting The Bounty Fundraiser
The Program

In 2019 we were invited to participate in the Harvesting the Bounty Fundraiser to benefit the Delhi community Health Centre.  Check out the video below.  We raised over $1,000!!  

We raised over $1,000 for Delhi Medical Centre