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Long Point's Carolinian forest has a wide variety of wildlife.  White tail deer, raccoons, chipmunks, pine squirrels & Possum are all regular visitors.

If you are a bird enthusiast, the area is famous as a migratory route for most species.  Bald Eagles, Sand hill Cranes, Scarlett Tanningers, Blue Indigos  & Rufus Hummingbirds are just a few of the species that visit The Hide-A-Way. 

if your a nature enthusiast or photography buff, the area boasts beautiful views of both the jurassic type forest & stunning Lake Erie.  

if you are more of a star gazer, eyes up.  The Hide-A-Way is located in the "darkest" region of southern ontario & has virtually no light pollution. Look up & see the milky way in all it's amazing beauty.  see how many constellations you can find!

Get Your cameras Ready!!!

As well as the wildlife that visits us, we also have a few friends that live here. 


Bucky, Lila & Lily are Fallow Deer.  Born in early 2019, they are big fans of apples & are very curious. bucky is getting used to his new antlers.

Impeyan Pheasant

We have a number of exotic Asian Pheasants at the Hide-A-Way.  Impeyan, Lady Amherst, Swinhoe & more.  Don't forget to say hello to Monty, Our silver pheasant who loves to show off. 

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